Friday, November 21, 2008

Nativity Scene Project Q&A:

What is the Nativity Scene Project?

The Nativity Scene Project is a movement to represent Christian values during the Holiday Season. Often times we lose focus of the true meaning of Christmas. We feel the Nativity Scene artwork best represents the real meaning of this glorious day.

We want to encourage Christians to display a Nativity Scene wherever they can. Whether it is on your lawn, your desk at work, or even your front door. When people see your display they will know what the Holiday truly means to you. Its a simple act but it means so much.

Attacks on our Faith: What Christmas means to a Christian

Those who would dismiss our faith often claim that Christmas is merely an appropriation of older, pagan holidays. Well this is where they are wrong. Although the date for Christmas coincides with older celebrations of pagan revelry, the true meaning of Christmas to a Christian is far different than the intent of those ancient pagan holidays. Although the two worlds often intertwine, the real meaning of Christmas and the intent of the pagan celebrations are worlds apart.

Every Christian knows our Holiday is not about presents. Its not about material gain. And it certainly isn't about a fat man in a red suit. The true spirit of the Christmas Season revolves around the birth of the Blessed Savior Jesus Christ. His Salvation represents the ultimate gift to the world.
Christmas is also a celebration of the wonderful family unit that brought Him into our troubled World. Christmas represent Hope for humanity, God's Forgiveness, Christian Charity, and Family Love.

It does no matter if the early Church Fathers chose an arbitrary date to represent the birthday of Jesus. It does not matter if that date co-incides with older, non Christian Holidays. It does not matter if December 25th is the exact day and date of the birth of Jesus Christ. What matters most is what Christmas means to YOU, the Christian.

Represent your Faith during the Christmas Season:

The Nativity Scene is the most important Christmas Decoration. By displaying your own Nativity Scene you represent Christian Family Values to your friends, family, co-workers and to your neighbors. You send a message about the Christmas Season and what it really means to YOU.

This is a revolutionary act in a time when our Faith is constantly under attack. Pop culture continually assails our religion and mocks Jesus at every turn. Big Business, Hollywood movies and your local department store all do their best to push Jesus aside during the Christmas Season. By supporting our movement you are helping put Christ and the Family back into the spotlight where they belong.
May the Blessings of the Lord be upon You and the People you love this Christmas Season.

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